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What's the difference between Marble Armor, TuffSkin and AntiEtch?

Updated: Jun 18

We often times get asked what's the difference between Marble Armor and the other stone protection options on the market, such as TuffSkin and AntiEtch. We may be partial but we believe the Marble Armor is superior in that is thinner, easier to install, won't become brittle over time and we only partner with the best stone restoration companies. Our Certified Marble Armor Installers are trained on the different types of installation, we provide customer support and send leads to our installer. As a CMAI, our installers become part of the Marble Armor family and provide excellent customer service for their clients.


Are you seeking to diversify your business revenue but concerned about high startup expenses? Our comprehensive starter kit offers essential tools, training, and marketing resources to facilitate the seamless implementation of Marble Armor, enabling a swift return on your initial investment. Priced at $3500, the Marble Armor Starter Kit can be paid in full upfront or conveniently spread over 12 monthly installments. In comparison to industry competitors, our kit stands out for its affordability, encompassing all essential tools and materials required for a successful launch. By becoming a Certified Marble Armor Installer, you benefit from our marketing efforts to promote your new services and receive valuable leads.


Marble Armor is a sophisticated and discreet solution designed to safeguard stone surfaces with unparalleled finesse. Its remarkably thin profile offers a seamless blend with the underlying material, making it virtually imperceptible to the casual observer. This innovative protective layer not only shields delicate marble surfaces from scratches, stains, and other forms of damage but also enhances the natural beauty of the stone by preserving its pristine appearance over time. The unobtrusive nature of Marble Armor allows it to seamlessly integrate into any environment without compromising the aesthetic integrity of the space. Its advanced technology and sleek design make it the ideal choice for those seeking maximum protection without sacrificing the elegance and sophistication of their stone surfaces.


In contrast to our competitors, Marble Armor offers the unique advantage of being able to seamlessly wrap around edges, enabling a single-piece installation over waterfalls and 90-degree countertop edges.


Our installation rates vary between $30 and $50 per square foot, depending on the project and condition of the stone. The primary objective is to promptly apply the film upon installation to avert any potential damage. In cases where the stone has been previously exposed to acidic substances or scratched, restoration work is necessary before Marble Armor can be installed.


Depending on the usage, Marble Armor will continue protecting the stone even if it has been scratched or accidentally cut. It is an aesthetic decision to remove or replace the film but if one does chose to replace the film, it will not damage the stone upon removal.


From 3ft away Marble Armor is nearly invisible due to how thin it is and similar properties as the stones finish. Available in both satin or gloss, Marble Armor provides protection while being nearly invisible to the naked eye when standing 3 feet away.


Marble Armor does not install film. We partner with the best stone restoration companies to send them leads, training and support. You will not find us in your town doing an installation, we leave it to the pros!


We recognize the significance of marketing and consistently promote our Certified Marble Armor Installers to secure new project leads. Our commitment extends beyond training, as we provide ongoing support to ensure that our installers are prominently sought after for Marble Armor installations within their respective localities.


Marble Armor maintains its malleability over time, unlike our competitors' products which tend to harden and become brittle which may lead to sharp edges that pose a risk of cutting the skin.


Vertical surfaces are not a problem! Marble Armor can be applied to backsplashes with ease and prevent in splatter from cooking from leaving stains or damaging the stone.


Stone surfaces featuring a textured finish, such as flamed, leathered, caressed, or sandblasted, can be effectively protected by Marble Armor while preserving their unique textures. The advanced properties of the protective film allow it to conform to every crevice, ensuring that the original texture remains perceptible even after application.

*Pricing is based on the Boston market*


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