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The 13-Point professional 9 mm Snap-Off Knife features an auto lock slide for faster blade adjustments. The knife includes 3 ultra-sharp, blackened carbon blades that are extra keen and 25% sharper than standard snap blades. The stainless-steel track and heavy-duty soft-grip allow for easy and comfortable use. Use the blade snapper to easily and safely expose a new sharp point.

  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel track
  • Auto lock feature for ease of use
  • Soft grip for comfort
  • 9 mm blades
  • 3 blades included, 1 loaded and 2 inside knife body
  • Each blade features 13 edge segments
  • Blades are blackened, significantly sharper than standard snap-off blades
  • Blade snapper built-in at the end of handle
  • Removing blade snapper also exposes spare blade compartment

Pro Snap Knife with Replacement Blades

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