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Top 10 Types of White Marble for Designers

Discover the Top 10 most popular types of white marble used by interior designers in 2024. These premium marble options are gorgeous, timeless, and durable, perfect for residential and commercial designs. Learn the characteristics and benefits of each type so you can make an informed choice for your next project. Whether you prefer a pristine white with gray veining or a warmer antique white, there's an option for every style and budget.

  1. Carrara - A popular white marble with subtle gray hues and soft veining. Overall Carrara has a more subtle overall look compared to Calacatta and Statuary marble.

  2. Calacatta - Known for its dramatic and bold veining, often in shades of gray and gold.

  3. Statuario - Generally whiter with fewer veins, offering a uniform appearance.

  4. Thassos - A crystal white marble from the island of Thassos in Greece is the whitest marble on earth.

  5. Volakas - predominantly white material containing a few grey spots and a couple of light diagonal veins

  6. Ibiza - A marble with simple tones and gray streaks

  7. Marmara - Striking gray veins on a creamy white surface. These natural stones are mined in Marmara Island, which is a district of Balikesir city of Turkey.

  8. Arabescato - Warm ivory sections scattered throughout with light gray veining. Arabescato is quarried from a bedrock quarry in the Apuan mountains near Carrara, Italy.

  9. Ariston - Pure white in color, fine grains and few gray veins but its texture is soft and one of the whitest in color.

  10. Sivec - Very clear and light white homogenous character make it to be one of the iconic luxury marbles, featuring shades of white and a few gray lines.

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